Dry Grad / Prom / Ticket Information

Dry Grad / Prom date: SATURDAY, JUNE 10TH

Volunteers Needed
Did you sign up last fall to volunteer to help during Prom or Dry Grad??  Have you wanted to help out but haven't signed up yet??  We are having a meeting for Volunteer Parents on Wednesday May 17th  at 6:30 in the SKSS Library.  Please contact skssgrad2017@gmail if you have any further questions.  Hope to see all volunteers at the meeting!

Please also open the attachment "Important Dry Grad Info & Timeline" for details of the day's events.


Any questions, please message us or email at skssgrad2017@gmail.com Thank you

 DRY GRAD CONTACT - Email: skssgrad2017@gmail.com ~ Facebook: SKSS dry grad 2017