Dry Grad / Prom / Ticket Information

Dry Grad / Prom date: SATURDAY, JUNE 10TH

We have completed our 3rd and final registration day, and the turnout has been fantastic!
If you still haven't registered please note that Monday May 1st will be the last day to get in any registration forms for Prom / Dry Grad. Our busy committee members need to have final numbers for ordering food, drinks, t-shirts, prizes, etc. Any forms and money can be dropped off at the school office (in a sealed envelope marked DRY GRAD) and will be picked up on Monday May 1st.
Please make cheques payable to SKSS Dry Grad.
Any questions, please message us or email at skssgrad2017@gmail.com Thank you

 DRY GRAD CONTACT - Email: skssgrad2017@gmail.com ~ Facebook: SKSS dry grad 2017