Dry Grad / Prom

Dry Grad / Prom date: Saturday, June 23, 2018

DRY GRAD REGISTRATION: If you missed the registration dates have no fear.  The Dry Grad Committee will still be taking registrations.  Please contact them by email to find out more.  skssgrad2018@gmail.com
Registration forms for Grads and Non-Grad Escorts are posted below. 
Visit the Dry Grad Facebook page for more information - skss Dry Grad 2018
Attention Grads and Parents/Guardians!  If you would like to receive emails regarding the organizing, fundraising and planning of the 2018 Prom and Dry Grad events you must give us your information.  Please use the following link to provide your email address  https://bit.ly/skssgrad2018 

Dry Grad and Prom events are organized by the Dry Grad Committee and not the school.  Please direct questions to the 2018 Dry Grad Committee.

2018 Dry Grad Committee contact:
email: skssgrad2018@gmail.com ~ Facebook page: skssdrygrad2018